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If you wish to attend in order to stop smoking you are already on the path to being a non-smoker. So congratulations are in order before we start! A 1-2 hour session could be all you need to kick that habit into touch!

Many problems can be helped by sessions tailored to target the issue.

Issues such as





grief (including loss of a pet)

and many other troubling conditions

Hypnotherapy success depends on the client's wish to change.


There are various methods to help clients with weight loss. Targeting those old habits that your mind ties you into.

I eat to make me happy.    I'm on holiday so it doesn't matter.    I'll start after Christmas.

You've heard them all before. You're tired of being stuck in this cycle.

Now is the time to act. Get the help you need to control your habits. Look great in that outfit.

Stop thinking about food. Stop thinking about losing weight. 

Begin your journey to a new mindset.


Children are very receptive to being Hypnotised. They have a natural ability to imagine a future that can be different. Get them off the track they find themselves on.  Parents will need to be in attendance at under 16's sessions.


I had had a lifelong fear of flying but when my daughter emigrated to Australia I felt that I needed to try and overcome my fear. I spoke to Eileen who was starting out on her hypnosis journey and she agreed to try and help me. I attended three sessions where Eileen asked me lots of questions before going through with the hypnosis. She put me at my ease and with music playing quietly in the background started talking to me before I knew it I woke from what seemed a very restful nap. To say I got on an A380 and flew round the world to Sydney with no problems I would say the hypnosis really helped. I found the piece of music on the inflight entertainment and a couple of times played it thro my headphones this really helped me to relax. I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 the highest I would rate Eileen’s service a 10.


I went to Eileen for weight management help, and from the moment I walked in the door, Eileen made me feel very at ease with her warm and caring self. Eileen asked me lots of questions before going through with the hypnosis to find out where I struggle with food and myself. Throughout the session there was music playing quietly in the background which was very soothing along with Eileen's soft talking voice to get me to a happy and calm place with my thoughts. Once the sessions came to their end we discussed a few other things which helped me to think about myself in a different way and how I think about food. I would highly recommend Eileen to anyone who needed some help. Thank you Eileen. ZP

My wife mentioned to Eileen that I have had an issue for many years which normal medicine has been unable to resolve, and did she think hypnotherapy would be of help.  Eileen offered to try.  I have had a few sessions now, and although not cured, they are certainly beginning to help and suggest to me potential ways to cope.  Eileen is very thorough and tailors her scripts for each session according to how I am progressing, and from my feedback afterwards.  She certainly puts in a lot of effort in between sessions and researches the background behind my issue.  The sessions are very relaxing and I am able to relax more each time.  Eileen is caring, sympathetic and understanding, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who hopes that hypnotherapy may help them.


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